Typically the bodog site is dedicated to masturbating it’s owner, Calvin Ayre. So imagine my surprise when I see an article that doesn’t even mention the erstwhile billionaire CEO. This article does a good job of lining up the recent events around fighters smoking pot, and points out an interesting double standard: Nick Diaz was fined 6000$, suspended for 6 months, and had the biggest win of his career annulled. Diego Sanchez was fined 500$, suspended for 3 months, and the CSAC kept it all very hush hush. Personally I think it’s all because Diaz is hispanic. Fucking CSAC racists.

(also note in the article that several of the pictures were credited to our man Luke from mad-squabbles. While Luke shouldn’t be getting cred for the pics, they definitely lifted a lot of the ideas and facts for the article from Luke’s articles on the same thing. Next time just hire Luke, guys!)