Edwin Dewees, most famous for getting a blood dye job on The Ultimate Fighter 4, has been charged with child abuse after his twin 2 year old sons let themselves out of the house and were found by police wandering alone on the side of the street.

When officers spoke to Dewees, he said he had been cleaning inside the home and didn’t notice the children were gone until his wife returned home, Schaan said.

“He reported he put the children down for a nap and did not notice or hear them leave,” Schaan said.

Dewees told police he thought the boys might have left through a door to the house, Schaan said.

“When the mother got home, Dewees went to wake the children and they were not there,” Schaan said. “He told her he could not find them. She went outside and spoke to some of our officers who were in the area looking for someone responsible for the children.”

Police are not sure how long the children were outside before being found by the resident and the officer, Garcia said.

The children remain in CPS custody pending further investigation, Schaan said.

You read the headline ‘Fighter arrested for Child Abuse’ and think it’s going to be some horrible shit, like Dewees whupping his kids with a belt or locking them in a wooden box or something. Then you read the article and find out the kids snuck out during naptime and think ‘Why the fuck is he being arrested here?’

This happens more than you’d think. Society seems to have lost the ability to do anything other than charge people with crimes when something out of the ordinary happens. Last week there was a similar story in Delaware: a mother put her 3 year old down for a nap, the 3 year old got up and escaped the house. Police charged her with ‘child endangerment’:

So how about giving the mom some of those babyproofing thingies that make it hard for a child to open a door? Or an alarm that sounds if the door is opened? In other words, how about helping the mom — and child — rather than making this sound as if the mom is a no-good parent who needs to be punished? As it doesn’t seem like there was any evidence of drugs or alcohol, sounds to me like we’re talking about a parent who simply had something go wrong, which can happen to even the “best” of us.

When we criminalize the ups and downs of normal life, we start making it seem as if living that normal life (which inevitably involves some mistakes and surprises) is criminal.

Amen. Charging Dewees with child abuse is stupid. Taking his kids away is inexcusable.