Why, who is that charming elderly lesbian with the cream colored jacket?

There’s all sorts of ways to break down Strikeforce: Diaz vs Daley, but I figured I’d do it with a look at some of the faces we saw during the event.

Either Mauro Ranallo is gurning on E or he may not be as cool as he seems about this whole Strikeforce sale to the UFC.

In addition to investigating what those two judges who gave rounds to Keith Jardine were smoking, I say we also look into whether ref Mike Beltran took that point from Mousasi due to crazy beard solidarity. Look at that goddamn thing. This dude either pans for gold, has a giant motorbike, or wields a mighty dwarven hammer.

Keith Jardine’s face says THE DRAW WAS BULLSHIT. This is actually one of the kinder looking shots of him.

Whoa, hold your horses there Aoki. You might have successfully smashed a solid fighter but let’s not forget the shutdown you suffered at the hands of Gilbert Melendez (a blueprint I’m sure other fighters will exploit). He’s got enough lightweights with serious claims to the #1 spot to deal with already.

He normally only looks this smug when showing off his tombstone of defeated promotions.