So as you may or may not have noticed, the Spank Tank has been replaced by Fight Hotness. This may come as a surprise to some, but advertisers seem to be strangely reluctant to sponsor a feature that blatantly encourages you to jerk off to female athletes and sports personalities. We had some other suggestions (Splooge Central, Hot Bitches, Sexy Fight Sluts, Boneriffic Babes, MMAsturbations) that were turned down before settling on Fight Hotness, which was actually original name we were going to use back in the day before deciding we’d rather go with the most tasteless and offensive thing we could think of instead.

So behold, the start of Fight Hotness! And to celebrate, we will be featuring MOAR hotness on the site than even you horny perverts can possibly handle! For the next two weeks you’ll get a Fight Hotness every night, starting with this pictorial gallery of the Octagon Girls that time forgot – the chicks who walked the cage between UFC 40 and 60. The classy lady above is known only as Holly and she worked UFC 47. I have no idea why she never came back … I like her moves more than the standard kissy wave the girls are doing now. After the jump, a bunch more mystery girls from before anyone gave a shit who the chicks holding placards were.

UFC 41 – Anne Rivera (the first ‘regular’) and Chomps. Oh Chomps, you look like you had a fun time.

UFC 42 – No one knows this, but the UFC pioneered tacky glitter stuff glued onto shirts. For some reason, I don’t think these retro outfits will ever make it into the UFC store.

These girls from UFC 43 are more Hard Rock Hotel girls than Octagon girls, but I included them anyways because … I like breasts.

UFC 45. Say what you will about the tops, me rikey the shorts.

UFC 46 – Anne Rivera returns, along with Miller Lite girl and some new tops and shorts. Nice to see Ghost Dog Forrest Whittaker rocking it out at events before it became cool.

UFC 47. Oh Holly. We barely knew ye, or your crazy Bride of Frankenstein hair. Look in the background – is that Loretta Hunt? This really was a long long time ago!

UFC 48. Also known as ‘When the talent took a big step up’

UFC 49 – This makes me wonder where the fresh faced blonde beauties have gone. Doesn’t Zuffa know this is a sport for skinheads?

UFC 50 – Clashing outfit colors. My inner gay fashion designer is screeching and making the sign of the cross.

UFC 51 – Is that top girl Rachelle Leah?

UFC 53 – I like how both the dudes in the background are eyeballin’ her something fierce.

UFC 60 – The end of the rando octo-girls. From here on out, Arianny shows up and the age of regular Octo-girls begins.