For our latest installment of Fight Hotness, we got in touch with ProElite ring girl Shannon Ihrke to see how she’s digging the new promotion and working in the world of mixed martial arts. It’s all part of Fightlinker’s new ‘Reach out and touch someone’ policy, especially when that someone is a hot babe.

Tell us a little bit of background on yourself?
I’m orginially from Walker, Minnesota (a small town up north) and I was always actively involved in sports such as soccer, basketball, and track.  After high school I went to St.Cloud State University when I majored in Business Marketing and halfway into my second year of college I joined the United States Marine Corps.  I’ve been in the Marine Corps for 4 years now, currently a Sergeant (E-5) and I’ve lived in North Carolina, South Carolina, and now in Illinois.  After I get out I plan on modeling full-time and I have an amazing manager from Decorum Consulting to help me to do.  I’ve been modeling now for almost 2 years and I absolutely love it!  I would also like to get more into acting.

How’d you end up getting your gig with ProElite and how are you enjoying it?
ProElite MMA actually contacting me saying that I should compete in the Ring Girl Contest competition because they thought I’d be a good fit.  I’ve been a ring girl before and it is an absolute blast!  Being in front of a crowd is a rush for me, I love getting a crowd hyped up for a fight!!

You’re in the army … what do your fellow soldiers think of you moonlighting as a cage girl?
I’m actually a Marine, but I’ll let it slide this time 🙂 They are all very supportive and encouraging!  A large group of them actually showed up to the event to see me and, of course, watch the fights!


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Are there similarities between service men and women and MMA Fighters?
Kind of.  MMA fighters hurt people, Marines kill people. 

What are your long terms goals with your career – in and out of fighting?
I love being a ring girl when I can be!  I’m actually scheduled to be a ring girl for a fight coming up in December in Walker, MN (my hometown!).  As far as long term, I am actually scheduled to do some big things with my modeling career; I was recently named a top 10 finalist for Maxim’s Hometown Hotties contest and I am currently in their December issue and will be in the February issue as well.  You can go to to see more 😉  Other than that, I plan on traveling both national and international to do some very fun, exciting modeling projects!!

Where can people read more about you or contact you?
Vote for me at (Shannon). You can also see me at:

Model Mayhem
Hawks Opinion
Stephen Eastwood
1Sol Swimwear
Model Bee

You can contact me through my page on facebook or through my manager, Tracey Smith, at [email protected] THANKS, JACKALS!!!!