You all know I loves me some Ronda Rousey. But half the time I talk about her I get a very basic bit of information wrong. I always say Ronda is an Olympic silver medalist. In truth she was bronze (aka ‘Last place’). It’s Sara McMann who is the silver medalist – she won hers at the 2004 Salt Lake City Athens Olympics in freestyle wrestling. If there’s one olympic sport that’s better to medal at before moving over to MMA than judo, it’s wrestling. No disrespect to those tough bitches on the badminton squad.

Sara is currently 4-0 with 3 submission wins and will be back action January 21st against Hitomi Akano in ProElite’s third show. She’s kinda being set up by the promotion as their ‘Face of WMMA’, so let’s see how she does. More pictures of her after the jump!