People throw around a lot of terms when trying to determine how long a person has been a fan of MMA or how educated they are, most popular among them being ‘TUF Noob.’ I’m not big on that because there’s a lot of people out there who got in after TUF who are way more educated than the people from before. Hell, a lot of those newbies love the sport in pure way a lot of us jaded old fucks could only wish to recapture. So instead my meterstick is Rickson Gracie. You know Rickson? Then you know your MMA.

Now you can get to know his daughter Kauan, since we’ve scraped some pictures from the internet and an interview with Full Contact Fighter:

FCF: First thing our readers will want to know is about growing up as a Gracie, particularly as the daughter of Rickson Gracie. What was he like as a father and how might your childhood have differed from other kids? How is your relationship with your dad now?

KG: Ok….well, when you are growing up as anything you don’t really think of yourself as growing up as ‘that thing’…you’re just growing up. I really didn’t know I was a ‘Gracie’ until I was much older and could understand how my family has influenced the world with their presence and what that means to so many people. And it’s the same thing as having Rickson as my father….he is just my dad! My “Papi,” as I call him, is wonderful! He has always been very supportive with anything and everything I have tried to do from swimming, to singing, piano and most of all dance.

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