There’s a million creepy websites out there dedicated to a million creepy fetishes, and I’d be lying if I tried to pretend that WikiFeet was anywhere close to creepiest. That has more to do with the internet being a vile vile place where Brazilian fart porn and lemon parties (do I even have to tell you not to click on those links?) aren’t even top ten creepy. But I still find WikiFeet disturbing … not so much because I’m anti-foot, but because of the scope of the site and the fucked up comments. Miley Cyrus: 1625 foot pictures. Emma Watson: 927 pictures. And the stuff it’s members say … wow. From philosophical debates on the nature of foot kink like this:

Just because Olivia Wilde and Miley Cyrus have toes/toenails that are not to your liking does not mean they have bad FEET. Toes are PART of the ENTIRE foot, you dweebs. A true foot fetishist looks at the softness of the girl in question’s soles, length/width of the foot, how well-groomed/taken-care-of the feet are, the condition their toes/toenails are in, the length of their toes, and their overall physical attractiveness. Just because you two sc*mbags have a toe fetish and only rate the ENTIRETY of their feet based on their toes alone doesn’t mean they have bad feet.

To just straight up verbal foot humpery:

Her toes look so delicious and smelly in this picture. I want to be her dog just so I can be around her feet.

Good god..i would give anything to lick the insoles of her shoes…taste her foot on the sexy shoes…mmmmmm.. Anyone else imagine licking the shoes?

The fucked up comments are really better than the pictures 99% of the time. So what does any of this have to do with MMA? Well surprise surprise, a number of women from the world of MMA happen to be on Wikifeet. We take a look at some of the pictures (and creepy comments) after the jump, featuring Gina Carano, Miesha Tate, Felice Herrig and more!
Gina Carano

I seen her kick butt with those gorgeous feet, she could kick butt in a beautiful feet contest. Yummay. I would like for to kick her foot in my mouth so I can suck on it.

I know, I would love it, then I would clean my mouth out then suck on her feet and do alot more with ’em and have her torture me in more ways than 1000.



I’m a sucker for wide sweaty soles, yummy.

OH it hurts soooo good!!!! She can put me in a hold and choke all the “fluids” outta me!!! SNIFFFFF!!!!! awesome natural authentic brick sh*thouse…….mmmmmmmm!!!!!! YUMMY!!!

Miesha Tate

I seen her action, another hot fighter that has the right to kick my butt anytime, after that her feet in my mouth.

“after that her feet in my mouth”

Michelle Waterson

Felice Herrig

I bet those slippers stink.

For some reason, I think he’s excited about that…

Arianny Celeste

Some of the most delicious toes ever

If there’s one word that never comes to mind when I’m thinking about toes, it’s ‘delicious’

Best feet in the ufc

Chuck Liddell will be crushed to hear he’s out of the running.

Ahw man this picture is doing it for me… Can’t get enough of her left foot in this one.

Oh yeah, the left one unf unf. The right one is all whatever, but the left is what boners are made of!

And a few more galleries for you before we leave off:

Rachelle Leah
Logan Stanton
Edith Larente
Ali Sonoma

You fly your freak flag proud, foot fetishists!