I have no idea how Google+ works … I’ve been on it a month and I just figured out how to look at my stream. The stuff that’s in there, I have no idea where it came from. For example, I’ve got Brandon and Kelly Vera’s Google+ stuff in there. They’re not in my circles. I’m not in their’s. But I get all their stuff in my stream. Like the 350+ pictures they took at ComicCon. And since I know y’all love looking at hot cosplay nerds, and so far I’ve only given you Jiunetsu, here’s all the pictures of chicks dressed up in sexy costumes.

Don’t forget if you’re on Google+ to add Brandon and Kerry. Or not, since they’ll show up in yer stuff anyways.

Camel toe, cowabunga!


Pretty sweet when you’re hanging out at ComicCon with bitches in skimpy outfits and your wife is still in the top 1% hotness percentile. Helloooooo Kerry!


This one’s for the laydees

I’d give her my triforce, if you know what I mean.

I’d hit it. I’d double bag it, but still.

The obligatory Leia slave costume meetup.

She’s only into him because of the size of his zord.