[youtube PUAVOs_Svlg]

We now have at least one reason to check out Fedor’s next fight against Pedro Rizzo:

“I think it’s time to call it a day,” Emelianenko said. “This fight may be my last one.”

Maybe Fedor is just suffering from CRS (Crocop Retirement Syndrome)? Or PMMS (Pointless M-1 Matchmaking Sadness)? Perhaps his Sweater of Ultimate Power is starting to fray, and Fedor sees this as a message from above that it’s time to step away from the sport.

I can only hope that his bearded priest buddy can convince him to continue. Orthodox Jesus is so close to returning, and if there ever was a sign that the End of Days was upon us, it’s watching Fedor reduced to fighting guys like Jeff Monson and Pedro Rizzo.