There’s this narrative in the MMA scene that goes something like this: M-1 Global are giant jackasses who are running Fedor’s career into the ground. Part truth and part Dana White meme-bomb, it has served us well over the past few years in understanding a lot of what goes on surrounding the Last Emperor.

So when HDNet commentator Michael Schiavello told a story about DREAM fighters getting kicked off a shuttle bus because ‘it was for Fedor only’, guess what we all did? We cursed M-1 Global for the offal ingesting primadonnas we know they are. But it turns out we might have jumped to a few incorrect conclusions on this one. Fedor’s friend Matt Hume explains:

“What really happened is that Fedor was doing interviews and everyone was waiting on two buses and Fedor was to get on one of those buses and go back and both buses were waiting for him. Everyone else had finished their press. Of course, Fedor is very popular in Japan he had not finished his press yet they were still keeping him there so everyone was staying there waiting. So Fedor, asked if they could let the people who wanted to get back to their hotel go. So Fedor, very graciously, said, ‘Hey why don’t you just let those guys go home.’ So they asked us to get on one bus and there was plenty of room on one bus for everybody. One bus was just going to take Fedor back later. I’ve known Fedor for years and years and probably would have drove the bus back for us, he is such a good nice guy.”

Even if not true, have you seen the size of Fedor’s entourage?

Look at the size of that … cross!