(He seems cheerful now, just don’t talk to his women)

This is the problem with exciting prospects from Russia. One day they’re on the way to the top, the next they’re being accused of killing someone. Our comrade Grigory introduced us all to new Bellator signee Rasul ‘Black Tiger’ Mirzaev a few days ago. Now it sounds like he might end up in a different kind of cage.

The student, Ivan Agafonov, was outside a popular Moscow nightclub with friends when the incident occurred. He had with him a radio-controlled toy car and apparently used it to strike up conversation with a woman of Mirzaev’s acquaintance.

A witness claims that when Agafonov jokingly offered the young woman “a lift” in his toy car, Mirzaev interjected. The two then exchanged words before Mirzaev allegedly kicked the toy car to pieces. He then apparently hit the young man one blow with his left hand.

Agafonov was dropped by the punch, which knocked him unconscious. He regained consciousness around 15 minutes later and was initially thought to be fine but then “began raving like a lunatic”. Several hours later, he lost consciousness again and lingered in a coma for four days before passing away on Wednesday.

A formal charge has been laid against Mirzaev under Section 4 of Article 111 of the Criminal Code (Russia). This section deals with acts ‘causing serious bodily injury resulting in death.’ Nightclub security cameras have reportedly captured the whole incident on tape.

Typically it’s not the punch that kills someone but their skull smashing up against the pavement when they fall. For some reason though, the cops don’t seem to care so much about that distinction…