Even though I’ve told you I consider it cheating and asked you to stop, I’ve kinda accepted the fact that you sometimes go read other MMA websites. Websites like Bloody Elbow, which today unveiled a new look that is … a slight change from it’s past iteration to say the least. I’ll let you guys debate what you think of the changes. I just wanted to give a fond farewell to the former Bloody Elbow logo.

You see, back in the day there was a lil MMA blogspot site called Mad Squabbles run by some guy named Luke Thomas. At the time he was less about being sesquipedalian and more about the smarmy dick jokes like me, so I suggested he join Fightlinker. “Ride wit me on this rocketship to the star. We will make supernova of famous success!”

Alas, it was not to be. Luke went over to Bloody Elbow instead and honestly I don’t think his career has ever recovered from that stupid decision. But we stayed in casual touch and after having to endure BE’s terrible, terrible, terrible original logo (I wish it still existed but this gives you a little idea of the quality we’re talking about) I made one myself and sent it over.

If you’ve ever wondered who the Bloody Elbow Dude was, here’s your answer: it’s Josh Neer, and the unfortunate fellow he’s elbow fucking is Forrest Petz.

It’s been almost five years that Bloody Elbow has used my logo, and I’ve always gotten a kick out of that. To me it’s like when the French sent the Statue of Liberty over to the US as a sign of friendship and mutual respect. Regardless of how mean we’d be to them or some of their mentally challenged sister-sites, we always had that logo.

So farewell to the old and hello to another chapter in Bloody Elbow’s fine history. I look forward to continuing our relationship together, and hopefully making another one of those jerks chug an entire container of maple syrup.