What a great end to a great week. Obama wins, Roxy wins, and now the retard running the California State Athletic Commission has stepped down. Yep, Armando Garcia – the man behind countless acts of commission stupidy – is stepping down as head of the CSAC. No reason has been given yet but I’m sure it’s gonna be something juicy. Any of you ‘reputable’ journalists out there with hints that you can’t post, send em my way!

Armando Garcia leaves the CSAC as the most hated commission in mixed martial arts. In honor of him finally fucking off, here’s a partial list of the CSAC’s greatest hits. If you remember any others, make sure to leave a comment in the forums!

Suspending fighters for ‘faking a fight’ because one of them did a cartwheel pass.

Suspending Josh Thomson for wearing a t-shirt calling Frank Shamrock a bitch.

Allowing an HIV positive fighter to fight

Trying to cancel Frank Shamrock vs Phil Baroni over bogus health concerns

Hilariously inconsistent policy on cutting steroid suspensions in half

Refusing to license foreign refs who have had over 13 years worth of reffing experience

Re-licensed Mike Kyle, who assaulted another fighter with multiple illegal blows and had to be pulled off his victim by several referees

Cancelling events at the last second for bogus reasons

Delaying the Sean Sherk steroid thing forever because of complete ineptitude … not bothering to read the information Sherk’s lawyer sent them in advance

Fucking Phil Baroni in the ass over a false-positive testing

Constant delays in the Sean Sherk steroid case

Trying to ban smokers (and no, not the gross kind)

Suspending Nick Diaz for weed without testing Nick Diaz for weed

Constantly cancelling fights at the literal last second

Demanding a bond covering TWICE the amount of fighter pay

Medically suspending fighters for retarded amounts of time

Deviating from the Unified rules definition of ‘back of the head’

Cancelling Joe Riggs’ fight for a drug Riggs didn’t have in his system

Cancelling Aleks Emelianenko vs Paul Buentello seconds before Aleks was supposed to step on the scales for the weigh-in

Announcing failed steroid tests before confirmation