So it is official: the Florida athletic commission has closed their case on transgendered fighter Fallon Fox and will allow her to keep fighting in the women’s 145 pound division. Now all she has to do is find opponents willing to face her. Fortunately for her…

One person who doesn’t seem to have an issue with the situation is her May slated opponent, Allana Jones (2-0 MMA). Allana has decided she will face off against Fox at the University of Miami’s BankUnited Center on May 24, promoter Jorge de la Noval of the Championship Fighting Alliance told NBC 6 the news on Monday night.

“A fight is a fight! I’ll knock her out!” the promoter quoted Jones as saying.

This is a lucky turn of events for the promoters, since they couldn’t just find ANYONE willing to fight her – they had to pick from the three other women who had advanced in their CFA Featherweight Tournament. You see, Fox entered the brackets without disclosing her medical past and now the remaining fighters are stuck having to face her. Allanna Jones seems to have made her peace with this (maybe with a little added ‘incentive’ from CFA) but what about Ashlee Evans-Smith and former favorite to win the tournament, Peggy Morgan, who stirred up some controversy when her coach made some less than tactful comments about Fox.

“I understand why people are advocating for Fallon and I appreciate that it is important to protect her rights, but I think it should be just as important to protect the safety of the other women in the tournament,” she wrote. “Until I am presented with conclusive evidence that a fight with Fallon would, in fact, be fair, I will not be entering the cage with her.”

Well, that should make for an interesting final, or lack thereof. Riding on all this is a novelty sized $20,000 check … not the kind of money that you see floating around WMMA very much.

(pic via Fallon Fox’s Twitter)