Fallon Fox

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m having some trouble being bombarded with all the stories circulating around the MMA community that involve Fallon Fox. It’s become more maddening then having that Chumbawamba song stuck in your head during a four hour drive to Uncle Bob’s house. Let’s face it, the battle lines have been drawn and everyone has chosen a side.

Now the proverbial heat will once again reach Robert De Niro status as Fox is scheduled (possibly) to fight at the Championship Fighting Alliance 11 event in Coral Gables, Florida against fellow featherweight Al-Lanna Jones – in continuation of the CFA featherweight tournament. Of course Fox still has to content with the ongoing investigation by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations regarding her application to fight within the state. Her manager, Brett Atchley, couldn’t confirm the bout with Jones, but he’s confident that his client will fight even if Jones declines the proposed match.

Atchley explains:

“They’re not going to have a problem finding an opponent. Somebody wants to be the one who beats Fallon Fox. And they’ll see it as an opportunity to make more money. If Allana Jones doesn’t fight, so what? Someone else will.”

At this point I’m subscribing to the “where the hell is all this going” school of thought. The old school mentality would state that any publicity is good publicity but ask Lindsay Lohan how that’s working out for her. Yet what happens if Fox does fight at CFA 11? Does she quickly slip into obscurity until a future match against her transgender counterpart, Cyborg Santos? Eventually one side has to win this argument, right?