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Maiquel Falcao managed to escape the gas station brawl he started without any serious injuries … unfortunately, the same cannot be said for his friend and former featherweight prospect Kaue Mena. He was initially listed in critical condition and while he is still alive it does not sound like he is in good shape:

The coroner of Balneário Camboriú, Hugo Sérgio Pretto did some exams in the MMA fighter Kauê Mena that remains hospitalized since the street fight in a gas station. Stimulated, the fighter responded by squeezing de doctors hand and moving his eyes.

Despite the responses, the situation of Kauê remains critical. According to Pretto’s research, the fighter have internal bleeding and lost a lot of brain mass. It was needed to remove the top of his head through surgery, due to his brain’s swelling.

Aaaah, so many bad words there … I can only hope Google Translate pooched it on words like ‘coroner’ (you never want to be checked out by one of those guys) and ‘lost brain mass.’ It sounds like they’re trying to determine if he’s a full on vegetable or not.


(pic via Kaue Mena’s Facebook)