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The Gods of MMA can be cruel indeed. This past weekend was supposed to be a great one for WMMA – legendary pound for pound #1 female fighter Megumi Fujii had her big retirement fight against the next generation’s #1 strawweight Jessica Aguilar. Everything was set for an epic showdown that would not only determine the top fighter at 115 pounds but send Fujii off in a worthy fashion. Unfortunately…

During an action-packed first round, Fujii took two inadvertent eye-pokes, which prompted a lengthy delay and a doctor’s examination. She opted to fight on, but as the second round wore on and Aguilar delivered a steady stream of combinations, Fujii’s injured eye swelled shut and hindered her version.

Before the third round began, the doctor consulted with the ref, and the bout was waved off. Aguilar was awarded the dubious TKO victory.

What a way to go out. But perhaps this highlights the reasons Fujii is getting out of the sport. Pouring your heart and soul into a fight only to have it ruined by judges or in this case a freak eye poke incident. Megumi has been toiling for nearly a decade and has nothing left to prove. It just would have been nice if her final fight hadn’t gone completely off the rails like this. And they can’t even do it again because right afterwards Vale Tudo Japan held a huge 45 minute retirement ceremony.

On the glass half full side of things, we can still remember Megumi Fujii for the 28 great fights she put on rather than this last fight that got borked. It will be a long time before anyone – even Ronda Rousey – comes close to touching her legacy as the best female MMA fighter ever.