Dana White is always talking about how shitty judging is ruining MMA and how the UFC is powerless to stop it because officials are provided by athletic commissions. But the crew of refs and judges at last weekend’s UFC London event weren’t brought in by a commission – they were brought in by the UFC’s head of regulatory affairs and lesser known Mario Brother, Marc Ratner.

That didn’t stop them from handing out some fucked up scores – most noticeably resulting in the Riddle / Mills fight ending up a split decision. The gentleman who scored it for Mills was Aaron Chatfield, and he made a few other questionable judging calls that evening that led most fans to decide he needs to be strung up and crucified. Let’s see what Marc Ratner thinks of that:

“I’ve already talked with a judge, and I met with all the officials after the fights,” Ratner today told ( “We’ll do some stuff internally, but we don’t talk about that to the public.”

“The most important thing to me is, did the right guy win the fight, who deserved the decision?” he said.

Ratner said he tracks all judges’ decisions, and at events where the UFC acts as the de-facto athletic commission, such as those in the U.K., he frequently voices opposition to scores with which he disagrees. He did so this past Saturday, but any changes to the ranks of judges used by the UFC will remain under wraps.

It’s nice to hear Ratner admit that he sometimes disagrees with his judges – something Keith Kizer never does despite overwhelming evidence that Nevada judges regularly suck horse dong. But will he stop bringing this particular judge along with the UFC whenever they go into unsanctioned regions? Chatfield is a regular at these, having judged UFC events in Nottingham, London, Macau, Belo Horizonte, and Rio de Janiero.

He clearly fucked up scoring the Riddle / Mills fight. But is that enough justification for him to be removed? Or are fans just so fed up with commissions fielding the same incompetent boobs event after event that we’re unfairly targeting Chatfield? Demanding that he be sacrificed to the Gods of MMA so we can feel like justice has been served at least once with all this terrible officiating?

Maybe there’s a fair middle ground we can reach … like Chatfield being forced to wear a helmet full of bees. I think that’s something we can all get behind.