Say adios to the legend, folks.

UFC 168’s marquee bout of champ Chris Weidman vs. challenger Anderson Silva was supposed to give us a pretty definitive answer to the question, “Was Weidman’s previous win over Silva a fluke?” And in a way, it did give us a definitive answer – Weidman knocked the former champ down with a punch in the first round and ground-and-pounded him something fierce. But then came Round 2, and at just over a minute in, Silva threw a kick that Weidman check, and that was all she wrote – for the fight, for Silva’s leg, and probably for Silva’s career. (Yes, Corey Hill suffered the same injury, but it took him a long time to come back to competition, and Silva is 38-years old).

So grab your Sunday morning 40oz and pour a little bit out for the Brazilian legend. He went out in the worst way possible, but he went out fighting.