(When you steal from Eddie, you also steal from his adorable baby. For shame, Bjorn.)

Bellaprez Bjorn Rebney went on the MMA Hour yesterday to do some PR damage control over the whole ‘fucking Eddie Alvarez over’ thing. That was going okay I guess … until Eddie called into the show and tried to talk on air with his former boss. Unsurprisingly, Bjorn turned down the offer, saying “I don’t think that conflict, anymore than you would want to put a conflict between your wife or girlfriend or boyfriend out on an open forum, I don’t want to put out a conflict with Ed on an open forum.”

Not when you’re a lying POS asshole boyfriend, as Eddie is putting forward. He came on after Rebney and had this to say:

“He said on air that I have to live up to my end of the bargain. That I have a contract that I’m obligated to, and I feel like I’ve fulfilled that contract through and through. I fought everybody they wanted me to fight, and what I don’t feel like is that they’re fulfilling their end of the contract.”

“The attorneys of Bellator, and these people with Viacom and Spike, they’re telling bold-faced lies to the judge,” Alvarez fumed. “The judges asks if they had a fight lined up for me. ‘Do you have a fight, a pay-per-view fight, lined up for Eddie Alvarez?’ And the guy waited a second, he looked to the side, he figured out whether to he was going to lie or not, and then decided that, ‘Yeah, I’m going to lie. Because if don’t lie, then Eddie Alvarez is going to win this injunction.’ So he tells the judge, ‘We have the fight for him. We have it. We have it, it’s signed, sealed, we have the fight.’ And then Mike Chandler does an interview two days later saying, ‘We never heard anything about a fight with Eddie Alvarez. Anything.’ And I know that he didn’t hear anything. I know from inside sources that they don’t have anything.

“It’s frustrating, man, because they didn’t have to prove to the judge whether they could do a pay-per-view or not. They didn’t have to prove anything during the injunction trial. So I was told I couldn’t fight, because they don’t have to prove anything.

“I don’t want to go through a trial. This is stupid. I want to fight. So either step up and make it comparable, or let us go. But don’t lie. Don’t lie to the fans, don’t lie to the media, don’t lie to everyone.”

It is obvious to anyone not competing in the Rough and Rowdy Brawl that Bellator is pulling a dirty legal scam to try and force Alvarez to stay. They matched the UFC contract word for word instead of dollar for dollar and have already cost the former Bellator figurehead at least half a million bucks by keeping him off the Jones / Sonnen card in April. Here’s hoping he can prove they misled the judge during the preliminary injunction trial and get some of that money out of them.