Ed Soares will be wearing two hats moving forward. The first hat is as fighter manager extrordinaire. His roster has included such names as Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, Jose Aldo, the Nogueira Brothers, Rafael Cavalcante … the list goes on and on. His other, newer hat:

MMA Manager Ed Soares has been named the new president of Resurrection Fighting Alliance. Soares confirmed the news with MMAFighting.com on Tuesday.

The Nebraska-based RFA has held three events in its short history. According to Soares, the organization’s next event will take place in Nevada in October, however, Soares was unable to release any more information about it at this time. Flyweight Sergio Pettis, the younger brother of UFC lightweight Anthony Pettis, is expected to make his promotional debut on that card.

In addition to Pettis, RFA is home to familiar names like Jens Pulver, Gilbert Yvel, Joe Stevenson, Tyson Griffin, Dakota Cochrane and Bubba Jenkins.

The long-time MMA manager said the promotion has some major plans in the works, including a television deal.

How will the UFC react to Ed jumping into the promotion game? We’ll have to wait and see, but ask Ken Pavia, Monte Cox and T-Shirt Guy how that went over for them. The big difference here is the RFA is a smaller promotion and no threat to the UFC … for now. Any time you take a guy with connections and clients like Soares and put him into a position like this, it’s hard to sell it as a completely non-threatening move.

A less paranoid person might look at the UFC vets Soares is signing and say he’s just looking to play second fiddle to the UFC and maybe even help talent rebound back into the big leagues. A more paranoid person than myself might wonder if this is step one in Anderson Silva setting up a boxing situation where he gets to promote his own fights and take a nice fat 90% cut of all money made, rather than the ~5 bucks per PPV pop he’s making from the UFC currently. So what kind of person do you think Dana White is?