Ed Herman is braving a trip through the Stargate this Saturday night to participate in the final Strikeforce against Jacare Souza. Aside from questions regarding his decision to fight on a non-UFC card, most questions have focuses on his last opponent Jake Shields. Jake’s mysterious drug suspension led to Ed’s loss being turned into a No Contest. Still no word on what that was all about. Hell, even Ed has no idea, although he has his suspicions:

“I think Colorado is one of the HIPAA privacy states where they weren’t allowed to release what he tested positive for. I’m pretty sure it was for some type of performance enhancing substance, just by looking at his physique going in to the fight. He looked pretty puffed up and exhibited the common signs. As an athlete, you can recognize those signs. I can’t guarantee it, but I’m pretty positive that it was for some kind of performance enhancing drug. If it really was for marijuana, it’s a lot easier for a guy to come right out and say, ‘I smoked a joint, sorry.’ You get a little less criticism that way than if you cheated and used a performance enhancer.”

Don’t forget to factor in Herman’s loss to Shields when judging his assumption that Shields was on something. It must be nice for your athlete psyche to decide your opponent MUST have been juicing. Just ask BJ Penn! Now that it’s been five months since the suspension was issued, is Jake being any more forthcoming? Ben Fowlkes investigates:

Based on what I was told by both Jake Shields and his management recently, they would like to discuss the positive drug test at UFC 150 but are forbidden from doing so because of a nondisclosure agreement with the state athletic commission in Colorado, where the fight took place. Also based on what I heard from Shields and his management, it doesn’t sound like a late night Xbox session with the Diaz brothers was to blame. Shields said the positive test was the result of “an honest mistake” and a “misunderstanding,” but also insisted he wasn’t “shooting steroids in [his] ass or anything.” If the commission believed otherwise, it’s unlikely he would have gotten off with a six-month suspension.

Yeah, but you don’t get your fight result overturned because you accidentally took too much cold medication either. How ridiculous is it that Colorado is so tight lipped about this stuff that even Jake Shields himself can’t disclose what they found in him? The only way this makes sense to me is if this somehow still violates the privacy of another party. Leave your best sexual inference as to what that means in the comments. We already accused Mike Goldberg of amphetamine addiction this week, so I’m sure we can come up with some good stuff here too.