Not quite from the horse’s mouth, but now we have an account of the Drew Ficket drunken ADCC story from someone who was actually involved. Drew’s friend Jamie Walsh fills us in on what ‘really’ went down:

This is what happened that weekend. Yer Drew was drunk and had been drinking all day so what. We all had been drinking all day but drew is a hell of a funny drunk. We were all laughing and making jokes all day. I didn’t see Xandi kick drew but that was bull shit. Drew could hardly walk let alone fight. All Drew wanted to do is buy everyone drinks. When I walked back into the lobby I saw that drew was arguing with Miguel. I told him to sit down in the chair because you don’t argue with the promoter. Rani Yarbro came over and said “hey my friend’ to drew. Got close then started punching him in the head. Santiago tried to stop him and about 15 Brazilians Surround us. I just picked up Drew and walked him out the hotel due to the fact that I felt that I thought that drew was going to get jumped. It was funny when Drew shouted out “Rani you hit like a little girl”. All I have to say is yer Drew is wild one when he drinks but he also funny as hell and if you didn’t think so please get a sense of humor. Yer he was drunk but not an angree drunk that would want to fight. You call your selves Pro Fighters well act like Pro’s We should all be getting paid for fighting not starting fights with drunks that can’t fight back.

So there you have it. Still not as entertaining as my version of the story, but most likely as close to the truth as we’re gonna get until Fickett releases his autobiography “Naked Truth: Ruminations of a Drunken UFC Fighter”

UPDATE: There’s an interview with Drew Fickett on the ADCC site that confirms he’s been banned for 10 years. Unfortunately they skim over what really happened so fuck them.

UPDATE #2: Someone from the ADCC Worlds commitee comments:

I personally witnessed Drew Fickett call two of the ADCC promoters and anyone else in the general vicinity “FUCKING PUSSIES” for not doing shots with him.

Honestly, I never really cared about Drew Fickett before this. Now I’m a huge fan. DREW FICKETT FOR PRESIDENT!