There’s obviously still a lot of confusion going on surrounding Zombie DREAM’s New Years Eve event. Hasn’t DREAM gone out of business several times over? Weren’t they a party to the worst series of fighter non-payments we’ve ever seen in the history of combat sports? Asian MMA tries to clear things up a little:

The promotion which was put together and run by Real Entertainment, is no longer.  That, however, does not eliminate a brand. The fighters that were not paid by Real Entertainment’s DREAM have nothing to gain going after GLORY’s iteration of the promotion.  And while there were many, this must be looked at for what it is.  DREAM is a name, a logo, intellectual property, and the like.  Any contractual obligations that they had in the past 4 years are not a concern any more because it is a new company.

Media outlets need to learn a thing or two about business and how things work.  Yes, saying it rose from the ashes is clever, we did the same thing.  But going back on everything you’ve written regarding DREAM’s demise shows that you’re knowledge of what is going on is limited to what you’re reading on others websites.

GLORY saw a brand that was extremely popular amongst hardcore MMA fans, and MMA fans in Japan, and brought it back.  They’re doing us fans a favor, and giving fighters another chance to fight in the white ring again.  The negativity is unwarranted, and it must be known.

The DREAM promotion has always been tangled up in a confusing web of corporate ownership. You’ve got DREAM employees, then a company called Real Entertainment above DREAM, and then FEG above them all. As if there weren’t already enough cooks in the kitchen, you’ve also got a bunch of oldschool figures like former PRIDE head Nobuyuki Sakakibara hanging around in the background during DREAM’s ‘Fight for Japan’ period. So who was responsible for all the sketchy shit that used to go down on a regular basis with DREAM? And how can we be assured that the sketch is gone when you’ve still got key DREAM figures like Keiichi Sasahara involved?

Just because someone claims that legally ‘this isn’t the same DREAM’ doesn’t mean it wipes away the egregious moral taint of pervasive fighter non-payment. The DREAM name, such as it is, was built off the backs of these fighters. If even one of them still hasn’t been paid, that’s a legacy the ‘new’ DREAM will continue to be saddled with, and rightfully so.

I’m all for Japanese MMA moving forward, but we still haven’t heard anything from DREAM regarding the massive amount of fighter pay screwjobs that were going down in the past. It’s ironic that GLORY isn’t addressing this considering their partnership with DREAM was a result of legal action stemming from non-payment to their own fighters. The whole deal was built off the back of outstanding debt owed to fighters who fought but were never paid. GLORY got the DREAM IP out of it, but what about the fighters? WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE FIGHTERS???