You may have thought that DSE was dead with the end of PRIDE. well, fear not: even if the UFC decides to totally fuck over Japan and chopshop it’s biggest MMA organization for parts, Dream Stage will still leave a legacy in the form of the pro wrestling organization HUSTLE. You may have heard of HUSTLE through Zach Arnold, but since he seems incapable of glee or happiness I don’t think he’s conveyed how totally awesome it is (in a terrible sort of way).

Go check out the HUSTLE website, which is lots of fun even if you can’t read Japanese. What, were you raised in a barn? Haven’t you seen Bladerunner? The Japaneese are gonna run the world in 10 years so you better start learning! Honestly, I have no idea how anyone ever took DSE seriously considering how amazingly retarded this shit is. One of their big stars is a guy named Hard Gay, and there’s nothing better. Normally I wouldn’t advise doing a search for ‘Hard Gay’ on the internet but this guy makes all that ass fucking worth it. Here’s a video for you to get a feel for him:

Now this is some hard hitting Japanese reporting. Suck on that, Fightopinion!