Bellator finishes its fifth season of highly entertaining tournament fights this Saturday with Bellator 59 at Caesars in Atlantic City. The card features the finals of this season’s Heavyweight and Bantamweight tournies, as well as a couple of interesting non-contender matchups.  With no UFC this weekend, may as well give it a go, no?  It’s not like you have anything better to do on a Saturday night.

First up, Thiago “Big Monster” Santos takes on Eric “Giant Ginger” Prindle in the HW finals for the opportunity to be absorbed via osmosis by resident champion and shaved honey badger, Cole Konrad.  Santos has powerful hands and a great ground game and thus is the obvious pick to have the best shot at prying Konrad’s gargantuan ass off the throne, but he’s been blazing through his opponents so quickly it’s uncertain whether he’s got the necessary gas tank to go 5 with a rampaging Dr. Zoidberg on top of him.  Prindle is a huge motherfucker with heavy hands and fairly sharp boxing, but no real ground game to speak of. This should be a gimme for Santos.  As a ridiculous side note, Konrad won the HW title back at Bellator 32 over a year ago, but since contendership is determined via tournament, he hasn’t defended it once.  He’s only fought one time in 2011, and that was a non-title squash match againt Paul fucking Buentello.  Dude fought 7 TIMES in 2010, but will have only fought once this year.

Highlights from Santos and Prindle’s last fights (quick finishes) start at :48

[youtube 50ii4HoZtbU]

In the Bantamweight finals, bright young Nova União prospect Eduardo “DuDu” Dantas is set to face aged assassin and Olympic Bronze medalist Alexis “Exorcist” Vila, with the winner getting a shot at Zach Makovsky for the title.  My initial thought was that Dantas is in over his head with Vila, but his chances improve dramatically as the minutes tick away.  If he can weather the first round storm that Vila brings, and use his vastly superior reach and technical striking ability to pick away as Vila fades, this could very well turn into a lopsided decision victory, or late round KO for DuDu. 


             Dantas KO of Wilson Reis                             Vila assassinating Joe Warren


Other interesting bouts from the main card –

‘Faintin’ Phillipe Nover vs. Polish grappling wiz Marcin Held.
KurtI’m Still HerePellegrino vs. PatrickyBut Not For LongFreire

Prelims streaming on @ 7 pm EST.
Main card on MTV2 and EPIX2 @ 9 pm.