If there’s one thing Dana White hates more than fighters turning down fights, it’s fighters discussing money. Ask Roger Huerta how that went for him. If you can find him. So it is with a little fear in my heart that I share with you the news that Dong Hyun Kim is saying the UFC doesn’t pay fighters well enough:

It’s ultimately very hard to be a UFC fighter. If you go to America, there are a lot of fighters who are barely eeking by financially. I see some fighters who have fights a few days away doing personal training. A lot of that has to with the UFC being too stingy about sponsorships. Also because of UFC’s policies it is really hard to get sponsors for a lot of fighters.

If you pay off the training camp and your coaches you honestly don’t have much left. Ultimately, you only have one maybe two opportunities to make it big. In mma anyone can lose and when you do lose you go instantly to the back of the line. Look at Rick Story.

I am not saying this out of complaint for myself, because compared to my peers I am doing fine financially, but for other Asian fighters it is completely unfair. Because I am older than my peers and because this is the path my fellow Korean fighters are going to take, I am going to say what has to be said. I really took to heart what Bibiano Fernandes said about why he decided to not join the UFC.

Dong has some tanuki sized testicles going out and saying this stuff. You’ve seen how the UFC treats fighters it doesn’t think are being team players.