Donald Cerrone laughs in the face of death. He also laughs at the ‘dangerous activities’ clause in his UFC contract. Since the UFC set that up in October, he’s gone wakeboarding, bull riding, dirt biking, and mountain climbing. If it’s dangerous, he’s probably done it. But that may be a thing of the past, because earlier this week Cowboy Cerrone almost killed himself scaling a rockface:

cowboyfallI have my doubts that this will permanently temper Cerrone’s risky ways. We’re talking about a guy who once had a dirtbike accident so bad the doctors had to pull all his intestines out and untangle them from his stomach. If that experience isn’t enough to stop you from making your own Mountain Dew commercials every weekend, I don’t know what is. But now that Cowboy is scheduled to face KJ Noons at UFC 160 in May, it may be a few months until we hear about his next brush with death.