Don Frye is the fucking man … just hanging out with him will grow hair on your chest. If Tom Selleck had a twin brother that was separated at birth and brewed in a vat of steroids for 30 years, the result would be Don Frye. So I’ll be fucked if I pass up on an opportunity to link to him being totally awesome, even in defeat:

Although approaching 43 years old, UFC, PRIDE and K-1 veteran Don Frye (19-7-1) continues to ply his trade in the MMA business. However a recent submission loss to Ikuhisa Minowa (40-28-8) has caused many to question the aging veteran’s fighting future.

“I didn’t show up to fight,” Frye admitted. “I showed up to just drink beer and ended up looking at the lights at the top of the ceiling. He opened up a can of whoop-ass I couldn’t close.

“Like a dumbass I thought I could go out and charm my way to a victory because I was Don Frye. Unfortunately he didn’t find me charming.”

“When I was growing up watching Muhammed Ali and Larry Holmes, I saw those guys take fights way past their prime,” Frye said. “I swore to myself I wouldn’t do that, but money talks.”

God bless you Don for putting money above your well being. The Japanese will honor your warrior spirit by booking you until you inevitably go down in a blaze of glory!

The above video is from Godzilla: Final Wars, starring … you guessed it! Don Frye! Don gets about as much screen time as you could want considering this is a Godzilla movie, and he’s so badass you’ll have to go out and punch 1000 cops in the face just to feel like a real man after watching him in this movie. In a dark world where Randy Couture and Rich Franklin are stinking it up on the screen, Final Wars is like a tall refreshing glass of wicked.