(I wonder if this hospital has a ‘Mangle your hand twice, get the third repair free’ deal)

If you thought Dominick Cruz looked surprisingly flat with his striking on Saturday night, it might have had something to do with his hand being pulverized:

“You know one of the things I respect about the kid? He’s got a broken hand and had one the entire fight. He broke his (left) hand and is going to have surgery. Not only did he not stop fighting and keep coming up 100%, he doesn’t even (expletive) say anything about it,” White said. “He goes through an entire press conference and doesn’t say anything about his hand.”

White said that Cruz told him he didn’t bring it up because it didn’t really matter, saying, “I’m going to have surgery and come back.”

Poor Dominick Cruz. His hands must be made of glass or something. He had to go for x-rays after his fight with Urijah Faber and before that had pins inserted into the metacarpals on his left hand following his scrap with Spot Jorgenson. Look at this craziness:

If he keeps this trend up, two or three title defenses from now he’ll have nothing but mushy sacks of meat at the end of each arm.