Those trying to slow down the Sergio Pettis hype train point to the fact that Sergio is missing a key ingredient for getting into the UFC: a couple of wins over former UFC fighters. That was all supposed to change at this past weekend’s Resurrection Fighting Alliance when Pettis was set to face off against Jeff Curran. Unfortunately, Curran pulled out due to some pretty unique personal reasons:

We haven’t seen or heard much of an explanation about the situation from Curran yet, but he was busy defending himself on Twitter this past weekend. Turns out, Curran’s family dog was injured badly, breaking both arms [DOGS DON’T HAVE ARMS, IGNORAMUS! – FL] recently. As a result, Curran pulled out of the RFA 8 bout with Pettis.

“The only people that deserve explanation of my reasons to pull from this fight was @RFAfighting and my team/family. None of anyones Biz!” Curran tweeted on June 21st.

He went on, “i am a 16 year pro who never missed dude. i fought sick, injured after family tragedy. grow up”

The fighter suggested through his tweets that it wasn’t simply about his dog, but also about supporting his kids and being there for his wife who needed help during this time of difficulty.

When the twitterverse criticized Curran for his decision, things got real. “introduce yourself to me if u ever see me, i will knock your teeth in.. no charge,” he replied to one critic.

“remove ‘dog lover’ from your bio and add ‘family hater’ to it. then your comment will fit your profile,” he tweeted at another.

Kudos to Curran for loving his dog so much but at the same time he was the headlining an event, something that carries a certain amount of responsibility as well. That’s on top of the standard respect you gotta show for the hard work and training your opponent puts in preparing to fight you in the cage.

Curran felt there were a number of emotionally valid reasons for scuttling the fight and staying by his dog’s side, and that’s aight. On the flip side, there’s a number of logically valid reasons why he really shouldn’t have. Without the emotional connection, we can’t really judge from Curran’s perspective which is probably why he’s eating so much shit over this decision. In the end, pulling a no show like this for whatever reason is gonna stick to your professional rep for a long time – now promoters know family comes first for Jeff Curran, even the four legged variety.