(as with all video skits involving Quinton Jackson, there’s an obligatory air hump solo halfway in)

Watch out, Chael Sonnen! You’re not the only guy who can weave a mean reality in the UFC any more. Check out some of the statements Quinton Jackson made in his latest UFC 135 blog:

Jon Jones is more “elusive” (or whatever that damn word is) than Lyoto Machida! Anyone heard or seen Machida? I need my own spy to just make sure he still actually exists.

He’s a kid and he’s not beaten anyone like me at this level. The Shogun he fought had half a leg. He couldn’t move. Shogun was hurt before he even got off the plane. Look at the “Shogun” who just beat Forrest Griffin, and you tell me if it was the same “Shogun” who couldn’t move against Jones.

Jon Jones has had everything in his career go right for him. The one time he got a little frustrated, with Hamill, he used an illegal technique that any fan in the stands could have told him was illegal, but he said he didn’t know he couldn’t do that. Come on, man. He just don’t know what to do when things aren’t going his way. He couldn’t finish Hamill, so instead of trying something else he cheated and got disqualified.

Let’s hope this is just pre-fight shit talk and not something Rampage’s camp actually believes. That’s a dangerous amount of underestimation going on right there.