Jason Mayhem Miller’s 15 minutes of TMZ fame for busting into a church naked may be over … there’s been no updates from any outlets from the past day, so until Mayhem makes a statement or something I think the media news cycle has moved on. There’s still a decent amount of pontification on Jason’s situation, though. Ben Fowlkes looks at himself in the mirror and doesn’t like what he sees (understandably so, that ugly bastard), and here’s Sportsnet Canada being typical socialists by suggesting the UFC cover the cost of any rehab or counseling Miller may need:

Despite the fact that Miller is no longer with the UFC, many media outlets referred to him as a “UFC fighter.” Such is the effect of UFC’s successful efforts to become eponymous with the sport. So for the average news-viewer at home, it was a UFC fighter that went berserk and trashed a church. Not the kind of headlines that Dana and the Fertitta brothers enjoy.

The best way for the UFC to counteract any negative publicity associated with Miller’s antics is to announce that they are taking it upon themselves to stand by the former Strikeforce, Dream and WEC veteran in his time of need and enroll him in a rehabilitation or counseling program and bear all the costs associated with his care.

One of the things many people admire most about the sport of MMA is the sense of camaraderie and brotherhood between its participants. White can send the message that despite the massive popularity explosion the sport is enjoying, at its root it is still a community, and that its fighters won’t just be tossed aside when their time in the limelight is done.

I still think it’s premature to assume Mayhem has gone off the deep end. Let’s wait until there are a few more worrying signs, okay? Oh, look. Mayhem has updated his twitter background and posted a message. Let’s check it out: