With Manny Gamburyan injured and his fight with Chad Mendes destroyed beyond even getting another opponent, the UFC has cancelled it and moved the Sam Stout vs Caros Fodor tilt to the main card of UFC 157.  I’m not quite sure how to put this, but I’m not convinced that this is a fair fight.  I mean, over the last few months there has been talk a-plenty about PEDs, but what about PEPs, or “performance enhancing people”? What I mean, to be specific, is that Caros Fodor’s brother is none other than the Seattle RLSH (prounounced “rilsh”, or “real life superhero”) Phoenix Jones.

Sure, Fodor has won fights on his own in Strikeforce, and he was the Genesis Muay Thai champ, but you have to figure that some of the credit has to go to the superhero brother.  Would you fight some dude who spent the early days of his career sparring and training with Batman?  I think not.  If Stout wants to even be seen as a competitor here, he is going to have to bring Vancouver’s well-known RLSH Thanatos along to corner him.  The only thing better than Stout vs Fodor would be a costumed freakshow fight between the corners.  As far as I’m aware, however, Phoenix Jones is a 25 year old undefeated MMA fighter (15-0) and Thanatos is a 63 year old ex-special forces fella.  Based on age alone, that might end quickly.

Stupidity aside, I’m happy Fodor vs. Stout is happening on the big stage as it has potential to be a fun one.  Stout always throws and Fodor is a good match stylistically.  Plus we get to see the beards of Court McGee and Michael Chiesa against their respective foes.  Beards: help or hindrance?  Discuss.