While Brittany Palmer has locked herself in as my favorite Octagon girl (not bad considering how many of them there are now), she’s still eclipsed by outside-the-UFC entry Jade Bryce. Jade does the whole placard carrying thing for Bellator, and there’s a certain je ne sais quoi about her that really appeals to me. Ah fuck, who am I kidding. She taps into the dark dirty corner of my mind normally reserved for pornstars.

While other ring girls are going for that girl next door thing with sweet smiles and demure waves, Jade is experimenting with how far she can pull her underwear up before her vagina comes spilling out. She’s a welcome touch of R rated fun in a scene that tends to be pretty PG-13. Just watch this (obviously NSFW) video from Matt Blume of Bryce doing her thang to see what I’m talking about. And then after that Google “Jade Bryce naked.” And then masturbate like you just injected meth into your eyeballs.



(hat tip: Babes of MMA)