It’s been just over a week since Frank Mir wound Big Nog’s arm like a clock and snapped his humerus. Which isn’t as humerous as it sounds, at least not compared to that hilarious flesh eating staph Nog had leading up to the first Mir fight. So how’s our favorite demolition derby car of a fighter doing now? The very Brazilian Tatame website gives us an update:

The last diagnostic given by John Itamura, a doctor pointed out by Ultimate, who evaluated the injury suffered by Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira when fighting Frank Mir, as he was submitted by a kimura and didn’t tapp out – what resulted on a humerus broked -, was that the heavyweight fighter wouldn’t ha veto go thought surgery. But it seems like the plans have changed. Rodrigo was operated last Friday (16th) at Vail, Colorado, and the surgery was a success. The doctors say he might return to the trains in June. Rodrigo went to Vail and went through new tests, which pointed out the need of the surgery. His biceps wasn’t touched during the process. The “entrance” was made on the triceps, what means he won’t lose strenght on this very arm.

Big Nog is going for the EGOT of the MMA world: he plans on surgically repairing every bone and muscle in his body before retiring. Or not retiring, since he swears after each of these operations that he’s coming back so much stronger and faster.