Much has been said about the Florida-based Blackzilians camp and their recent losses, despite a stable of studs on their roster. At UFC 156, two of their biggest stars lost what looked like very winnable fights (read: gift-wrapped squash matches) when Rashad Evans and Alistair Overeem were upset in their respective bouts. Even the big boss man Dana White took the opportunity to kick them while they were down at the UFC 156 post-fight press conference:

Blackzilians didn’t represent [at UFC 156]… They had a bad night. They probably got to reevaluate some things in their camp. I think [Overeem] looked terrible [Saturday]. Rashad’s a great fighter, Rashad looked terrible [too]. Yeah, I agree [Melvin Guillard wasn’t good in his loss to Jamie Varner]. They’ve got some work to do down there at Blackzilians. They’ve got some work to do.

While it’s always fun to speculate about why people suck without any real facts, a little research often does an even better job of pointing out other people’s problems. So after the jump are the MMA records of the most prominent Blackzilian members (sorry, Lucas Jackson) who are still with the team and featured on their website. Only fights each athlete has had since joining the team are included. Join dates were gathered from interviews and press releases but may not be exact.

(pic via Shoman Art)


This amounts to a win percentage of 64%. Due to the wide range of talent on the team this can be somewhat forgiven, but in MMA a win-loss record like that is still pretty embarrassing (unless of course your name is Randy Couture or Matt Brown.)

When we focus solely on UFC appearances since joining the team, the picture gets even bleaker.


Here, the win percentage falls to 46%. That’s just bad. That’s Phil Baroni bad. Worse-than-Mitt Romney-in-the-popular-vote bad. With several fighters on the team being linked to PEDs (Overeem, Belfort, Silva) and others to rape jokes (Torres, Evans) the last thing they need is the stench of failure attached to their name. I guess Dana was right. They do have same work to do.