[youtube Rq5JTfLoAa0]

It sometimes seems like everyone and their dog has been the subject of an MMA documentary at some point.  Most only get web-docs (though some are pretty awesome), but if even the likes of Jon Fitch are worthy of feature-length portraits, you knew it was just a matter of time until the superstar Georges St-Pierre got his own.  So check out this teaser trailer for “DNA of GSP”, slated to be released sometime later this year.

GSP starred with his friend David Loiseau in “The Striking Truth” a couple years back (and now on YouTube, by the way), but this time there’s only random wild animals with which to share the spotlight.  Looks decent enough, though I found the whole “killer instinct” motif a bit trite, and a lot ironic given GSP’s current 6-fight decision streak.

For another taste, there’s an alternate trailer “mood video” on the production company’s site that tells how Royce Gracie inspired a bullied Quebecois boy to learn martial arts, and may still inform his fighting style to this day.