Leave it to Russian fighters to keep finding new ways to impress us with their cold, calculating minds. We were all convinced we literally had the T-1000 on our hands when Fedor Emelianenko stared his emotionless stare and explained that he never actually thought he would win… until he always did. So it makes perfect sense when Vladimir Matyushenko explains his fights as if he can calculate his exact percentage chance of winning. He claims that he simply got unlucky during his fight with Ryan Bader, because he actually had an 80% chance of winning:

If I fight Bader 10 times, I probably beat him eight out of 10; but, that doesn’t happen, it’s not the case. You have to wait all of this time to try and take it next time. That’s what I’m doing right now. I’m trying to prove to myself, fans and sparring partners and my coaches that I’m still capable of good fights.

With that kind of success rate, it’s interesting that the other 20% involved Vladdy tapping to a guillotine in under a minute. He made $40,000 for the fight, meaning that his win bonus likely would have been another $40,000. With his 80% chance of winning, he was likely expecting to make $32,000… I hope he didn’t spend it beforehand. I wonder what it would be like to hear him recap his fight with Jon Jones… “Yeah, that one was rough, I had a 50% chance of winning”? A friend and I used to joke that he was called “The Janitor” because he “cleans up”… Now, I think there’s a 35% chance that he’ll end up as an actual janitor. My favorite memories of Matyushenko will be his split decision victory over Eliot Marshall, against whom he deserved 52% of the points, and his win over Alexandre Ferreira, whom he knocked out 70% cold.