(Diego back in his I-Don’t-Give-A-Damn-Weight days)

Diego Sanchez began his UFC career as a middleweight on the inaugural season of The Ultimate Fighter. Of course that was just to get onto the show, then after he blew through the competition he dropped down to his normal fighting weight of 170. After a solid run he then dropped to 155. Another solid run solidified by a title shot against BJ Penn, where Diego was handed the beating of his life ended that shit and he moved back up to welterweight. Now Diego tells us in a Twitter conversation with Joe Rogan that he is heading down south again.

“Thanks Joe, it’s back to 155 for me…Should be good!!”

Dropping down a weight division is usually the last act of a desperate man, but in Diego’s case it’s a good move. He is an undersized welterweight, and it’s not like he can’t make the weight. Diego will always be a fighter of interest because of his frenetic fighting style, creepy intensity, and bat-shit craziness. At 155 he’ll be more of a contender, and anything that makes Diego stand out more and keeps him in the spotlight is a good thing.

This is a guy who has five Fight of the Night and two Fight of the Year awards. And at 30 he’s still got a few good years in him. He’ll probably never be a UFC champion, regardless of whether or not he truly believes it’s a divine verdict, but he’s about as entertaining as they get.