Remember yesterday how we kinda sorta reported that there’d be an immediate Diaz / Condit rematch? Yeeaaaaah, about that.

Diaz’s manager/trainer, Cesar Gracie, told Wednesday that there will be no rematch with Condit. Gracie would not offer the website any more information about the matter. But Gracie was a bit more definitive when contacted by

“Yeah, I said that (there will be no rematch). But that’s all I can say,” Gracie said. “I can’t say anything else. I can’t do anything.

“Quote that if you want to. There is not going to be a rematch. Other than that, that’s all I can say.”

Well what the hell does that mean?

There’s a rumor floating around twitter that Nick failed a UFC 143 drug test for *gasp* marijuana, and that makes sense since it’s been way too long since that bag has bit him in the ass. But there’s also the chance that he was super cereal about that retirement thing, and he doesn’t care if some whack-ass bitches are offering him a stupid rematch for a fight he already f*cking won.

Both possibilities fall under the much broader ‘Nick Diaz is a crazy person’ umbrella, from which pretty much any scenario could be possible. Nick Diaz cut his hand badly on a ninja star. Nick Diaz is moving to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Nick Diaz threw a glass bottle at a 14 year old. Nick Diaz has whatever Gina Carano had. All totally possible because Nick Diaz is Nick Diaz.

But yeah, my money is on that weed thing.