Probably because people were going to hound on him until they found out what the deal was anyways, Dennis Hallman has revealed the mountain of a personal problem that resulted in his failed weight cut and subsequent firing from the UFC:

Former UFC fighter Frank Trigg of MMA Oddsbreaker contacted Hallman and got the a video interview with Hallman.

In the interview Hallman reveals that he is undergoing a brutal custody dispute with his wife, whom he alleges is struggling with drug addiction. Hallman tells Trigg that he endured a complete nervous breakdown while trying to make the weight cut and that he was only even trying to make the fight because he desperately needed the money to get his daughter back.

UFC matchmaker Joe Silva told Hallman to go get a couple of wins in a smaller promotion, make weight for all his fights and he could come back.

Okay. That’s a fair excuse.