Dennis Hallman, the man with the first visible penis in the UFC, has been cut from the organization after missing weight for his fight with Brad Tavares. But what seemed like your standard straightforward weight cut bungle and subsequent firing got a whole lot more mysterious after Hallman sent these texts to MMA Fighting:

They are cutting me. Dana [White] gave me my show and win pay to help me deal with the mountain in front of me. Now I have to go make weight a couple times on the regional circuit. I’ll be back to the UFC though, I always am.

I’m having some personal issues at home. I’m not fit to fight. I told Dana [White] what my issues were. He understands family matters, and he was cool with me not fighting.

What kind of problem? Mountainous, personal, family problems. Whatever that means, it must have been something serious if Dana White was willing to pay out Hallman’s show AND win money even as they brought the hammer down over Hallman’s second cut flub in as many fights. Brad Tavares only ended up getting his show money, which seems somewhat unfair as he actually made the weight and now has no chance to earn his win money. In effect, he basically ‘lost’ as far as the financials go. At least he still has a job, I guess. And no shitty ‘family matters’ to go deal with.