I hope Brazil is one of those places where you can sue people for slander because this is beyond the pale:

In an interview for the program Morning Show, Network TV!, Demian Maia revealed that Spider never learned any blow with Steven Seagal.

“That’s a lie, is marketing. Like any good actor these Hollywood when he (Seagal) Anderson saw growing up, he pasted in Anderson. He was half down, his career low and made the career rise again. It worked because it started appearing again. He never taught anything to the Anderson “said Demian.

Demian, who already lost to Anderson Silva, said that the subject is treated as a joke in the MMA world.

“Who is the middle, this is a joke. Course, who is out believe he wants to paste the picture to him because he is good,” he said.

YEAH AND HOW WOULD DEMIAN KNOW? Him and Anderson are practically enemies and shit. Sounds like bitter butthurt talk to me. I bet after he loses to Georges St Pierre, he’s going to talk shit about Georges and Jean Claude Van Damme as well. ‘Oh, that jumping split kick GSP knocked me out with had nothing to do with JCVD. It is all a joke.’

No, Demian. It is you who is the one who is the joke. A sad pathetic joke who tells lies to the media and tries to hurt important athlete – action star relations.

Watch yo neck, Weidman!