Three weeks after decisioning Urijah Faber at UFC 132, Dominick Cruz has another title defense lined up: on October 6th he’ll face off against Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson, a guy who only fights at bantamweight because the UFC is still dragging it’s feet on a flyweight division. Despite his size disadvantage, Mighty Mouse has won four in a row, with his recent wrestlefest against Miguel Torres cinching him a shot.

This should be an interesting fight since Cruz’s speciality is dancing around the cage like a fruit while Mighty Mouse is all about taking bitches down and pinning them to the mat. For once, he’ll be taking on an opponent people will be happy to see him lay on, although 5 rounds of it might get a bit old. Not as old as Dominick’s dancy dance style, though.

It’s also interesting to note the placement of this fight: on a Versus card. This will be only the second time the UFC has ever put a title up for grabs on cable television (the first being UFC 75 for Rampage vs Hendo). Some point to the idea that the bantamweight division – or at least Cruz and Johnson – can’t carry a pay per view card, while others see this as the UFC trying to pump up Versus ratings leading into the final months of TV contract negotiations.

Whatever the case, we get a free (and competitive!) title fight out of it, which is nice after all the injury shit we’ve been putting up with so far this year. Big fights on free TV have gotten few and far between, and while this one is mainly big on account of the belt, I’ll take what I can get.