When it comes to MMA journalism, there are a few constants that you know will most likely never change. For instance, if you want to know what the UFC thinks about a particular issue, you go to MMAFighting; if you want to know what the UFC doesn’t want you to know, you go to FightOpinion. And if you want a dose of hate towards the UFC and everything it stands for, you go to Deadspin.

Yes, Deadspin, the place where mainstream sports coverage and snark converge, and where keen analysis, link baiting and strong writing often meet. It’s also where ace scribe Tim Marchman resides, and ever since Marchman was denied credentials for whatever UFC event he wanted to cover, he’s been on a little bit of a “hater” crusade.

Which is fine. He can write whatever he wants, and a journo hating on the UFC for that very same reason is something we’ve seen play out repeatedly for over ten years now. But today he turned his gaze towards FOX Sports’ puff piece on Lorenzo Fertitta’s son, which, well, is amusing in a “Tim Marchman, what are doing?” sort of way.

He ends the post with this:

Hopefully a follow-on will address the question of exactly how the Fertittas have overcome all the problems caused by being wealthy, charming, ruggedly handsome, and generously endowed.

The lesson here is that haters’ are gonna hate, I guess.