There aren’t a lot of journalistic responsibilities bloggers like me have to follow, but one good rule of thumb is you shouldn’t take quotes out of context or ignore a larger overall point of view because you found a smaller segment of a conversation that fits a more interesting narrative. I don’t know if this is what’s happened regarding quotes from Dave Meltzer on Brock Lesnar’s future or if Dave Meltzer is just backtracking now that people are losing their shit, but here’s what’s been attributed to the Meltz:

Lesnar reportedly hasn’t talked with anyone from UFC or answered their phone calls since losing the UFC Heavyweight Title to Cain Velasquez last month. Sources also say that Lesnar hasn’t began to prepare for his next UFC fight and hasn’t trained since losing to Velasquez.

It’s said that Lesnar has lost some interest in MMA and has been been re-considering his future in the sport after his loss to Velasquez and the beating he took in the win against Shane Carwin before that.

And here’s what he’s saying now:

“Brock Lesnar. Oh my God! I didn’t say he was never going to fight again. I thought I made it pretty clear that I expected him to fight once next year or maybe even twice. It’s amazing how things get blown out of proportion.”

I have no idea what was really said because Meltzer’s site has a paywall and who the hell is gonna give money to an MMA website for more content???? So most of us have to rely on the re-reporting of other sources and that doesn’t always work very well. What can you expect? This is a sport where a conversation between Vitor Belfort and Mike Tyson about the possibility of Tyson maybe coming in and helping him train becomes ‘MIKE TYSON IS TRAINING VITOR BELFORT’. Well no, there’s no evidence that he has, but that’s what’s been repeated several times.