Finally, a moment of sanity in this whole Sean Sherk debacle:

Sherk’s appeal before the California commission will be in October. [Dana] White said he hadn’t made up his mind what to do because he said he believes Sherk’s denials, but he said if Sherk is suspended by the commission, he would probably strip him of the belt.

I don’t like the whole ‘hasn’t made up his mind / probably’ wording Dana’s using, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. I think Dana White is just going through the 5 stages at the moment:

  1. Denial : The initial stage: “There must be some kind of mistake, Sean is a good man.”
  2. Anger : “Fucking Hermes Franca. This is all his fault somehow
  3. Bargaining : “Maybe he will keep it and maybe he won’t … we’re still talking everything out.”
  4. Depression : “I haven’t made up my mind … I guess we would probably strip him”
  5. Acceptance : “Sherk is definately going to be suspended, regardless of if it was supplement contamination or aliens from Mars that were responsible. We’ll strip him of the belt and then just give him an immediate title shot once his suspension is up because me and Sherk are butt buddies”

He seems to have hit step 4 by now, so lets see if it takes until Sherk’s hearing in October before he hits stage 5 and stops putting off the inevitable. Everyone and their dog knows Sherk is gonna get suspended over this … so why are we all sitting around waiting for the inevitable? Either Dana or Sean should do the right thing and vacate the belt in the meantime so the lightweight division doesn’t slam to a halt again. It’s not like Sherk can’t come back and fight for it once his year is up anyways.