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Amid Dana White’s “are you kidding me” smirks and what I suspect may be alcohol induced “red face,” there’s typically nuggets of truth and noteworthy news littered throughout his pre/post fight scrums – in between the obscure generalizations and angry “here’s what you don’t know” outbursts, of course.

At Wednesday’s UFC on FUEL TV 7 pre-fight media scrum, Dana dropped an interesting adjective in front of the word “fight” when describing the Aldo/Pettis bout. Here’s what the UFC President had to say in regards to the upcoming featherweight title fight:

“And I like, when we talk about super-fights dude I love fucking Pettis and huh u know (Aldo). How do you not love (the) Pettis/Aldo fight man? That’s a fucking super-fight. Some people were like are you shitting me? Pettis sends a text and he gets a (title fight), are you fucking shitting me? You don’t want to see Pettis verses fucking Aldo? That’s craziness, I love that fight.”

Did White just call the Aldo/Pettis bout a damn super-fight? Thanks Dana, that word now means about as much as having an interim UFC title does. If you don’t believe me just ask any one of the fighters who’ve been called “interim champion.” You’d think they were carrying the latest version of the bubonic plague around their waist – perhaps a new antibiotic-resistant strain of the clap.

If we’re going to use this type of logic to define a super-fight – a fight fans want to see or one that White is practically wetting himself to watch –  then we might as well call every UFC event headliner a super-fight as well. And thus begins the slow decay of a once sacred MMA buzz word.

Scrum parts 2 and 3 included after the jump.

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